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A few months ago, the Golf Committee appointed a Handicap Committee to monitor the handicaps of our golf members and those visitors who are allowed to participate in our competitions. The aim of a handicap is to allow golfers of differing abilities to compete against one another on a level playing field. It is the backbone of amateur golf. Our handicap system can only work fairly if everyone enters their correct score for every round played, both good and bad. Our Handicap Committee has been mandated to check that the system is not being abused.

In an effort to ensure that all rounds are correctly recorded, the Pro-shops at DCC and BW will in future open a round for each person when they sign in to play. This will be for every round, every day of the week. Once a round is opened the golfer has 72 hours within which to record his score. That score can be entered on the club’s computer terminal or by phoning our Pro-shop as well as by mobile app. If no score is entered, the golfer will receive a penalty score which is calculated at the lowest score of his/her last 20 differential rounds for each non-entered score.

For clarity , a score should be entered for all 18 hole and 9 hole rounds except for :

  1. When the score cannot be ratified by a playing partner/competitor.
  2. Rounds where mulligans are permitted.
  3. Match play rounds.
  4. When more than one ball is played.
  5. When the course has no official rating (not applicable to our courses).
  6. When using non-conforming equipment.

In the above circumstances an ”NR“ round must be entered .

The handicap committee will be monitoring, but will not be limited to:

  • Frequent winners.
  • Golfers whose handicaps fluctuate by more than 2 in a month.
  • Golfers who don’t enter scores or enter wrong scores as notified to the handicap committee by other members of the Club.
  • Golfers who enter scores when they haven’t played.

If the Handicap Committee suspects that a golfer is manipulating his/her handicap, the committee has the power in terms of the SA Golf Association Handicapping System to:

  • Arbitrarily reduce or increase a handicap if the player does not submit all his scores or does not observe the spirit of the Handicap system.
  • Freeze a member’s handicap either up or down by 90 % for up to 90 days.
  • Ignore high or low scores in non-competitive rounds to compute a handicap.
  • Withdraw a handicap.

Changes deemed necessary by the Handicap Committee will be made to the players handicap on the SAGA handicap system. The player will then be informed of the decision. In the case of players being handicapped at another club, appropriate action will be taken.

Your Handicapping committees are as follows :

Mens : Carlyle Field, Errol Stewart, Thavan Padayachi , Ian King and Frank Agg.
Womens : Karene Swanepoel

The Committees have our full support and we sincerely hope they do not have to deal with any embarrassing situations.

Thank you.
Golf Captain


We always aim that our members become true ambassadors of our club. Paul Emanuel is one of those ambassadors. Paul and the Key group support our restaurants and function facilities. Mr Emanuel support has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for introducing 25 new members into our club. Your are the winner in our members competition.

Prizes sponsored by SG.

We have our first hole in 1 for 2018

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